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It’s no secret that the world we live in needs care and attention.  With such issues as carbon emissions, deforestation and water pollution to name a few, never has there been a more crucial time to enforce change in the way we live our lives. 

Tyler Packaging based in Leamington, are doing just that, by ensuring their packaging is sustainable through the materials used to create them and the fact that they’re also compostable.

Perfect! Well done Tyler!

Our job was to bring public awareness to their efforts in a new promotional film that would also take pride of place on their new spangly website. Many miles were walked and many drones were flown for this one….


To bring some elements of the storyboard to life we needed waterfalls, forests and seals and North Wales provided! So we loaded up the Pie-mobile and headed out on our mission. 

We couldn’t have hoped for better weather during this shoot and Wales didn’t disappoint, even the seals were happy to arrive on location on time! 

Visiting these locations allowed us to demonstrate how passionate Tyler is about the environment but we also had to show their packaging in various real world situations. In the home, garden and kitchen. Again the look of each shot was so important so we went on the hunt for the perfect kitchen, garden and dog! We found all three…. 

A big part of any film is thinking about how to deliver key messaging. With this project we felt that voiceover might be too disruptive to the imagery so we felt simple white text would do the job without detracting from the beautiful scenery. 

We were super happy with how this shoot went and a huge part of that was due to our beautiful planet,  providing stunning locations and weather just when we needed it.

Production Kit:

Blackmagic Cine Camera’s
Rhino Evo Motion Slider
Cine Lenses
Da Vinci Resolve
Dji Mavic Pro 2



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