Working with SEC Group was a real treat as it provided some exciting challenges for us, and we love a challenge!

The brief was to film SEC Groups fantastic warehouse installation for Air Business in Hatfield. SEC Group is a company that specialises in bespoke fit outs and racking solutions for businesses that operate within a warehouse environment. 

They cover everything from employee lounges and break out spaces to logistical aspects such as racking solutions. 

Our mission was to produce a film that would act as a case study for SEC, we would interview key individuals from Air Business about how the work carried out by SEC had changed their day to day running of business for the better. 

The Head of Sales from SEC also featured to talk about the project’s aims and how SEC delivered on time, on spec and on budget. 

This film would then be used as a marketing tool to show new potential clients what SEC is all about!

Show don’t tell!


Earlier I mentioned challenges… however, we didn’t view these challenges as a negative. We were determined to fly around the warehouse environment and navigate down the 1.8m wide racking channel (think end of Star Wars – A New Hope!)

Watch the film to see what we did! All safe and sound with regards to drone regulation too! 

Safety first, always…

We then set about filming spaces such as offices, employee lounges, and reception areas  using our Rhino Arc slider which produces silky smooth moves. We always try to get as much movement in these shots as possible, to make cutaways more dynamic and to give the film a premium aesthetic. 

Finally, we found the perfect interview location and voila! The filming was complete. It was then up to Dean our master editor to work his magic…. Which he did!



  • Sony FS7
  • Sony FS5
  • Samyang primes
  • Rhino Arc
  • Da Vinci
  • Inspire X5R
  • Mavic Pro
Production Kit:

Sony FS7
Sony FS5
Samyang primes
Rhino Arc
DaVinci Resolve
Inspire X5R
Mavic Pro



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