Filming for 5 days in beautiful Welshpool…? 

Go on then! 

Invertek Drives are a producer of sophisticated variable frequency drives for any application large or small. Their drives keep the wheels turning for many different industries around the world. 

Automotive, construction, you name it, you will find a purple Invertek drive managing the electric motors making sure everything is working as it should and saving energy along the way.  Invertek was established in 1998 by Mike Carman, Charles Haspel, David Jones, Glyn Jones and Robert Wheatley after they realised there was a gap in the market and has since gone onto employing 250 staff.

If you build it they will come! 


Right then, no messing about on this project, we had a lot to do but luckily we’d been given the one thing you need to make something look fantastic…. TIME!

What made this project so great to work on was a very clear client focus on exactly what they wanted to show and the story they wanted to tell the viewer. 

This was an overview film, however, it had a running narrative throughout which was the production of the drives themselves from start to finish. 

Having a client who is so forward thinking and open when it comes to the creative process is a great thing, and with this in mind we wanted to make each sequence look as dynamic as possible. We shot sequences in different ways and multiple times to ensure we had freedom in the edit, we achieved this by using a mixture of traditional (and some unconventional) ground filming techniques and some indoor drone! 

Using a drone indoor always increases the risk, therefore we had many spotters monitoring the drone and surrounding area while filming. One of these spotters was the lovely Mike Dinsdale of Midi Photography who was on board producing site photography from ground and air. He knows his way around an Inspire 2 like Tom Cruise knows an F14 Tomcat in Top Gun! 

The finished film is something we are really proud of because the client not only allowed us to be creative, but also provided us with enough time to do so. 

When you work with someone like that you never want to say goodbye….

However, they were so happy with what we produced that we’ve been back since, to film another project! 

Production Kit:

Blackmagic Cine Camera’s
Rhino Evo Motion Slider
Cine Lenses
Da Vinci Resolve
Dji Mavic Pro



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