Priory Recruitment Films


Produce recruitment videos for social media, promoting working for the Priory Group. 

Simple eh? 

Well, it’s got to be filmed in a day and the concept is up to us…. Challenge accepted! 

Dean, for a while, had wanted to use something he’d seen on Rick Stein’s cooking show where he films the restaurant owner and their staff in front of the restaurant. It’s almost like the ultimate placeholder. 

So this is what we did!


We had six videos to produce and time was of the essence! Light is a precious commodity in February! 

We filmed each employee sitting centrally on a couch, where the person becomes the main focus of the frame, you see this kind of set up on various talking head shows or Netflix documentaries. It makes the person the centre of attention and adds an aspect of authority to what they are saying. We wanted people to listen and then consider applying and working at Priory Ticehurst so we need to grab their attention straight away. 

After each small interview we captured each person in their roles as naturally as possible and then came time for our pièce de résistance… The Stein shot! 

We took each Priory employee outside and asked them to stand in front of Priory Ticehurst, looking happy and confident and occasionally we tried to make them laugh as some of them were a little bit nervous. Haha!

We are really happy with the way this turned out and can’t wait to hear how it has helped the Priory with regards to recruitment.

Production Kit:

Blackmagic Cine Camera’s
Seinhieser Mics
Cine Lenses
Dji Mavic Pro
Da Vinci Resolve
Lighting Kit



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