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The environment is an ever growing concern and how we recycle our food packaging is a huge part of how we make sure that we turn waste materials back into something useful, especially plastic! 

Graphic Packaging is one of the largest producers of packaging for a wide range of major worldwide brands, and they were thinking of ways to promote their new exciting packaging solution, Paperseal. 

Among the many key selling points of the Papersel system was that it reduced plastic content by 80% which is amazing as this has become a growing worldwide environmental concern.  

I’m happy to say that they chose to use video to promote Paperseal! 

The brief was to highlight the key selling points of Paperseal by showing its journey from initial design and production all the way to the supermarket aisle and finally into the home, where we could demonstrate how easy it was to recycle in a household context.


A huge part of this project was to film in the factory environment which meant health and safety was a huge concern. Working in white lab coats, steel toe cap boots and hair and beard nets, we set about filming all the various aspects of production. 

This included filming huge machines which used lovely colourful inks and then other ingenious machines that folded cardboard in the most precise way in milliseconds! 

This meant innovative filming techniques from all different angles to make sure we captured every intricate detail of the process. 

One of our personal triumphs during this production was to create the idea that our consumer was actually in a supermarket…. however….they were not… through clever angles and lighting we managed to create the illusion.

Another highlight of this piece is the home user section at the end, we used movement and various angles to shoot a really cinematic sequence which culminates in the consumer demonstrating how easy it is to disassemble and dispose of the Paperseal packaging.

Production Kit:

Blackmagic Cine Camera’s
DJI Mavic Pro
Cine Lenses
DJI Inspire RAW
Da Vinci Resolve
Rhino Evo Motion Slider



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