When you are approached to produce a film for one of the largest robotics companies in the world it doesn’t take long to say… Yes!

The brief for the project was to produce a film that would provide a global audience an overview of FANUC UK’s super-smart facility in Coventry and showcase their robotic capabilities and new innovations. It would include interviews with key members of staff and demonstrate the company’s devotion to learning and development for new staff and apprentices.


FANUC robots move with beautiful precision, elegantly gliding from one instruction to the next. Our idea for the film was to incorporate the same elegant movement when presenting the company’s operations.

Using a combination of drones, tracking systems and good old traditional tripod setups, along with interesting interview backdrops, our aim was to engage the viewer and create a dynamic brand film.

Creative choices, like well-framed shots, help to reinforce the FANUC brand through aesthetically pleasing imagery, which is paramount for us when producing any video content.

Production Kit:

Sony FS7
Sony FS5
Samyang primes
Wally Dolly
DaVinci Resolve
Inspire X5R


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