Electric House


This was an exciting one! 

We worked in collaboration with the social media network ‘On The Tools’ to produce their launch video for their new exciting venture Electric House. 

The boys and girls at On the Tools had worked so hard that it was time to grow and

Electric House was going to become their new Social Media Publishing brand. 

This purpose of the video was to be a statement of intent for the company moving forward, which would help to build hype and also pay homage to their hard work as On the Tools. 

So with this in mind they needed a new launch film which needed to be 80’s themed (which was great, as Creative Pie are huge fans of the 80’s! Video games, luminous socks, amazing cinema e.g. Ghostbusters, Robocop, Bladerunner and of course electro pop!)


For such a huge project we had to go to the Electric House HQ to really understand what was required. After a few cups of tea and some laughs we came away knowing that this video would require something a little bit different. 

Cassette tapes, space invaders, the colour pink and founder Lee Wilcox building the hype in front of the camera!  

Production took place at the fantastic Lampworks in Birmingham and within a day we had Lee’s section in the can and looking sweet! It was a great shoot as we could really experiment with lighting and we worked with so many talented Electric House peeps. 

The work really started when Dean then had to piece the film together, constructing some ace animations like Space Invaders, where the attacking aliens were in fact leading brands that Electric House had worked with. Take a look, it’s pretty cool…

The finished film is one of our all time favourites because it allowed us to be truly creative and it was ace to be asked to work with such an exciting growing company such as Electric House…

The future is…….. Electric! 

Production Kit:

Sony FS7
Sony FS5
Samyang primes
Rhino Motion Evo Slider
Sennheiser Audio Kit
DaVinci Resolve
Adobe After Effects
Lighting Kit



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