Show visitors to the Auburn website what Auburn are all about!

We were commissioned to produce a short film that would sit on Auburn’s website as a video banner and would play automatically upon visiting the site.

Auburn are a fun company who wanted to capture their brands ideals and values so that visitor instantly wanted to know more about who Auburn were and what they did… because they they looked so ace!


Pugs! Coffee! SEO! Web design! And Fun!

This is what Auburn are all about and when we visited their offices we saw that the company actually practiced what they preached.

For this film we wanted to make something quirky but also demonstrate how professional Auburn were in delivering their services.

Our idea was to capture Auburn in their natural habitat, behaving as natural as possible. So we basically just filmed them going about their daily business.

Some creative shots were produced for stylistic purposes but on the whole it was pure voyeurism!

The soundtrack for the film was created in post-production using a multitude of sound effects to bring the piece to life. Ideally we wanted to avoid using music, opting instead for a more diegetic approach. In the end the client opted for no soundtrack in order to avoid annoying visitors to their site, which we get, although we still like the full version 🙂

Bob the Pug rules!

Production Kit Resolve:

Sony FS7
Sony FS5
Samyang primes
Wally Dolly
DaVinci Resolve



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