Its time for our first show with Hollywood Star and Comedian Rob Schneider……… Eeek!

Dean from video production company Creative Pie Films continues the Rob Schneider diaries , Part Deux!

So the big day had arrived, the first date of a 5 day UK tour was about to begin in London and we were exhausted already! After what felt like thousands of phone calls to agents, promoters, venues and our mum’s ( for much needed morale support )….

Our little video production company was about to embark on arguably the biggest job in our 3 year history.

We arrived in London and after contradicting instructions from a number of traffic wardens, we managed to pull up outside the Leicester Square Theatre and unload our kit. The venue was a family run business with bags of character and the perfect setting for Rob’s first show.

We carried out a quick recce and began setting up our cameras. Sound man Gordon (a.k.a.Feedbacca) inspected the setting and then proudly announced

We’re going quadraphonic!”

With everything in place the next thing to do was actually meet Rob for the first time! Your expectations of what a celebrity is actually like in reality are solely based on news reports and word of mouth. You formulate an opinion on the basis of what you’ve heard, because chances are you’ll never meet them in person. Our only hope was that he wasn’t a dick… and you know what…. he was lovely. He made us feel at ease from the get go and that set the tone for the rest of the trip.

Rob stepped out on stage and opened up controversially with a Stephen Hawkins joke/s which was well received by most of his audience, considering Dr. Hawkins died earlier that day.

The rest of show went well, although we were too busy concentrating on our craft to really listen to what Rob was saying.

There was a collective sigh of relief once the show ended and a real sense of achievement that not only had we just filmed our first ever stand-up gig, but that it also happened to be for a Hollywood film star.

The Pie team got together and had a little celebratory hug before packing the gear into the vehicles. It was then we realised we had a 7 hour car journey up to Glasgow ahead of us….and Rob was flying up there. It’s tough at the top.

To be continued……

Please stay tuned for video production company Creative Pie Films, The Rob Schneider Diaries | Part Trés which features a 12 hour marathon journey up to Scotland, rain, snow and battered meat! 

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