Creative Pie Goes All Hollywood!

Creative Pie Films a video production company in Birmingham gives you an insight into their latest exciting project. 

So, you are about to go to a spinning class when you get an email from a Hollywood agent…

Yeah sounds normal eh!

At first I thought it was someone messing about and playing a practical joke on me, so I just went on with my class with my spidey senses tingling. After the class I check my phone again and things got a whole lot weirder!

I now have an answer phone message from a nice gentlemen in LA!

Sh*t just got real as the kids say!

Things then go from exciting to chest bursting exciting in a matter of minutes. Dean and I are being commissioned to film the UK leg of Hollywood Star and Comedian Rob Schneider’s stand up tour!

Don’t worry, I will stop using exclamation marks now. Firstly, since leaving the classroom and starting our video production company in Birmingham we have been working really hard at being increasingly visible, networking, blogging, posting content on various different social channels and its paid off in a big way.

So, I scheduled a call with Rob’s agent to find out more about the project. He informs me that we are going around the UK with Rob, starting in Leicester Square, London and then moving onto Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds and finally Chester.

During the call the agent says, “hold on, Robs on the line”

Me “oh right,  cool………………”

Remember George Clooney’s line in From Dusk till Dawn, “everyone be cool, you be cool”. Well that was going through my head!

This was the first time for me talking to someone I’d only ever seen on the big screen. What do I say? What is he going to be like? Will it be awkward? All these questions were racing through my head whilst I waited for him to join the call. I needn’t have worried as he happens to be one of the nicest chaps ever. 

So, in five days time we were heading off on tour filming a multi camera set up of Rob Schneider’s stand-up show.  So much to do in such little time including gaining venue access, permissions, clearances, as well as considering technical aspects such as camera positions, sound recording and lens choices. And this was only the tip of the iceberg!

One thing we needed and needed quick,  was a cracking sound man who knew his stuff when it came to recording live audio. Now, you may think its a case of running a few tie mics and a few rifles but noooooooooo. 

We wanted to ensure that Rob had the best audio and visuals and we had the visuals sorted, so in steps Gordon Young, soundman extrordinair, to make sure that the audio would be crystal clear for whatever purpose Rob and his editor had in store for the material back in LA.

And that’s all for part one folks… part two will feature camera set ups and Gordon’s quadraphonic sound techniques and fish’n’chips on the street of Glasgow……..

Oh and car breakdowns, little sleep, snow and how all these elements contributed to a truly amazing and memorable experience.

Part two coming next week!

Creative Pie Films is a full service video production company in Birmingham.

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