Which of Marvels Avenger’s are you?

Nic from Creative Pie Films is ridiculously excited about Avengers Infinity War! But it’s made him think…

Yes it’s totally normal for a 37 year old man with a Mortgage and a Wife to be excited by this sort of thing.

And Infinity War is a two parter! Woo!

But it got me thinking…..

Superheroes are super beings who have all taken on super powers, most of the time by a failed experiment or being bitten by a spider, falling into a toxic substance, death of a parent, a sacred birthright, fell in a hole and decided to dress like a bat, trained to be a russian super spy, the list goes on and on.

We all have our life stories which have led us to where we are now. However, I haven’t been irradiated by Gamma Rays, at least I don’t think I have….

So, I want to know which of the Avengers you think you might be based on the type of person you are, check out this ace infographic by Lemonly which gives you some insight into the various hero’s characteristics. 

Which character is Nic….?

Well, and you will have to bear with me on this….

I’m the HULK!

This is due to the fact I’m not Angry, however “you wouldn’t like me when i’m angry”

I turn green with excitement! I’m not joking, my power would be the lamest on earth! The Excitable Hulk! Since starting the business the one thing that makes me turn green and Hulk up is not knowing what comes next!

I cannot predict what comes our way day to day and when a new project comes in I just get soooo excited. Yeah I know, you’re probably thinking “Yeah convenient that I have a cliché as a power, excited by my own business!”

It’s the honest truth, those that know me or have met me recently, know that I literally love what we do here at Creative Pie Films. I would be useless against Thanos as I would have a heart attack through excitement before the fight!

What about Dean?! Cap or Thor?

Nope, Dean of Creative Pie Films is most suited to the character of Iron Man, this is because he has two young children who run his batteries flat! However, he is a master creative when his batteries are fully charged! Lets hope that Tony Stark has charged his battery for Infinity War!

The latest movie which comes out this week is all about the Avengers facing their greatest adversary, a big purple Badass called Thanos.

Inifinity Wars will feature action, new characters, and possibly some tears ( From me in the cinema )

So I want you to think about which Avenger you are and tweet us @pie_films or jump on our facebook page @Creativepiefilms to let us know which Avenger you think you are and why?

P.S I would like to see fellow Marvel Geeks stray away from the normal characters and go further a field into the Marvel Universe for their character choices.

Avenger’s Infinity War is out on 26th April 2018!

Thanks Nic

Creative Pie Films

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