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Creative Pie Films are producers of branded video content based in Birmingham ,Dean from Pie gives us a quick guide to colour grading in our latest blog.

One of the most important things for me as someone who works in the creative industries, is that I learn something new everyday. 

A key area of interest was the process of colour grading. Having trained extensively over the years, learning how to compose a shot, operating a camera, editing the rushes etc, one area that was never covered or even really mentioned in my studies, was how to colour grade your film. This is not a new process, but as with everything, it has become a more accessible tool to the wider practitioner.

A colour grade has the power to influence how a film is interpreted and can transform a relatively mundane shot into something infinitely more interesting. This process shouldn’t be limited to just major Hollywood blockbusters, and more and more video content producers are discovering this art form which is resulting in higher end looking productions.

A colour grade is like reading a film, it’s subjective, and everyone has an opinion on whether they think skin tones are off or the shadows are too crushed. However, there are still considerations that need to be made when grading any form of video production.

Creative Pie Films producers of Branded video content based in Birmingham have worked a lot in the mental health industry, producing promotional video content for the Priory group. This content can be of a sensitive nature, therefore a Hollywood blockbuster orange and teal style colour grade would not be suitable for this type of content. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with the look.

We recently filmed at the Priory’s Harley Street site. A renowned location to the medical world, we felt the colour grade needed to reflect this whilst also representing the company’s reputation. We went for quite a stylised look and really pushed it further than we had done previously on other Priory films.

The overall result was very well received and elevated the overall quality of the piece.

It’s worth taking note of how a video looks and try and figure out how the producers have achieved that particular look and what it brings to the piece. As a filmmaker and editor I’m always looking to develop new skills that will enable my productions to reach new heights in quality; colour grading is my latest addition.

If you are looking for a producer of branded video content based in Birmingham (who work nationally & internationally) then get in touch! We would love to hear from you…

Thanks Dean

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