Filming bikes in slow motion!

Nic from Midlands based video production company Creative Pie Films talks about his latest foray into filming content for local cycling team Evo Velo Karbona.

Hey sports fans!

So I’ve been riding my bike alot over the last few years after giving up running. It’s been a learning curve but one that I couldnt have done without local amatuer cycling team Evo Velo Karbona.

Evo Velo is made up of all sorts of riders who race , compete in Time Trials and also take part in sportives. If you are into cycling you should definitely consider joining a local club. Do it!

The only way to get better at something is to do it with people better than yourself!

So I had said for ages that I would film some content for the team to help them promote themselves. But the time never came……… Until Evo Velo Karbona in collaboration with Behind Bars Sports were given the opportunity to host their very first race at Birmingham Business Park!

Since starting Midlands based video production company Creative Pie Films we have upgraded our kit to a level where very cool things can be achieved.

One of our cameras, the Sony FS5, supports high frame rate recording. However, we have never really given it a whirl as slow motion is a very subjective thing. It depends on how the client feels about it and if its within context.

But you take around 60 cyclists racing around a track for points and you have your context!

The FS5 supports a mode called S&Q motion which allows you to film up to 800 FPS!

The only downside of filming at 800 FPS is that it doesnt film full frame. I wanted to capture the full frame and 800 FPS is overkill anyway so I opted for 200 FPS more than enough frames to capture the detail I was looking for. Coupled with our Glidecam system, I was able to film a variety of shots that make the action look quite dynamic.

This little piece of content will hopefully show other organisers that Evo Velo can host one hell of a race and generate more opportunites to do so in the future.

Evo Evo Evo……..!

Right, I’m off out on my bike!

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