Birmingham based Filmmakers – Dont ignore film!

In this week’s blog Birmingham based Filmmakers Creative Pie talk about why your business needs to invest in video content…quick sharp. It may be brash and you might hear some things you don’t like, but it’s for your own good!

So, your budget has room for everything except video content this year? Are you sure that’s a good idea?

We’re entering that time of the year where marketing plans are being put in place and the budgetary purse strings start to relax, however, with Brexit just around the corner we can understand why budgets holders might be cautious…We personally cannot wait for Brexit to be over and done with so we can all get on with our lives!

“Birmingham based filmmakers say s*d Brexit, let’s start producing film content now to get ahead of our competitors!”

So, you have your company logo, you have your print and web copy all sorted, however, you’re missing the key fact that 2019 and subsequent years are all going to be about video content. It’s time to start transforming your content to keep up with the times, don’t get us wrong, all the aforementioned types of content are essential to a successful marketing campaign but video is going to be the next mainstay in that arsenal.

You might be thinking  “we have a guy in the office with a mobile phone who can film that kind that stuff, he makes videos of his cat at weekends so he knows his stuff!”


With businesses requiring that extra edge to stay ahead of the game why would you take a risk with poor video content? Your business is worth hundreds of thousands of pounds or more, so why wouldn’t your video content reflect this?

People are critical, they will judge you and your business on your video content. If the lighting isn’t good enough, the sound is bad or you have tied a Camera to a balloon to get aerial footage, it will all go against you.

We all go to the cinema and afterwards all become mini Mark Kermode’s. Your customers will do the same…

Don’t get me wrong, self-shot mobile phone video has its place, and as a way of relaying quick updates about your activities or customer support it may work.

But to help promote your business and ideals, that story will just not come across.

Invest in the right people with the right experience, equipment and passion and your brand awareness will increase.

Your business has a story. Good stories take time to tell. Invest, don’t rush, and the results will speak for themselves.

Plan for video content now or you will find all the good people are booked up and your last resort will be the guy who makes cat videos!


If we can help with your film content this year then drop us a line! Creative Pie Films are Birmingham based filmmakers who work nationally and who truly love what they do.  

We will work with you to create the perfect content for your business! Check out our ace reviews to see what others say about us…

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