Video production and the year that is 2019…

So we enter 2019 and we see new emerging ways for companies to market themselves, however, i’m not talking about VR or 360 videos, today im talking about classic video production.

There is so much research and quantitative data floating around stating that video will be the next big marketing trend in 2019 and I can’t find any that says otherwise….

Promotional Video Content | whats the big deal?

But video production has been around for a long time right…?

Yes it has, but promotional video content was usually only viable option for bigger companies with huge budgets. Cameras and specialist kit was so expensive that the only people who could afford this were the big players.

Well, things have changed now slightly, although good quality kit is still expensive believe me!

However, with social media still being so powerful in terms of audience reach and with more and more people owning a mobile device that feeds video directly onto their facebook timeline, video is no longer just for the large companies who can buy TV time or post out a DVD to investors.

Accessibility is the key here and a guarantee that a video will be watched by your intended audience. With economic uncertainty directly affecting budgets, you need an effective marketing strategy that will deliver results.

Let’s just delve into the world of the promotional video content and have a look at why they are so successful.

The aim of promotional video content is to push your brand or company out into the wider world and shout about what you do. And I do mean the wider world, just think about all the mobile screens that exist on the planet and are capable of screening your promo.

The world is currently home to 7.2 billion gadgets….

To get your brand out there you need to hire the right people who will work with you to carefully plan out your video project with your brand in mind.

Are you a fun advertising company who wants to show how your working culture helps idea generation or are you a manufacturer of micro chips who want to push out the fact they only use eco friendly manufacturing methods for example?

Here is a video Creative Pie Films produced for Lifeworks to help illustrate the work they do in the field of addiction.

As filmmakers we’re trained to think visually and we want the videos we produce to look the best they can. Don’t forget that most videographers are huge film fans and most probably undertook an industry related qualification in order to understand the moving image, and most will have worked in the TV or Film industry at some point in their career.

We want your video to look amazing because we love what we do! It’s a representation of ourselves and of the passion we have for the moving image.

At this point you may think, “I can shoot the stuff myself on my camera phone” and our response would be “Yeah you could…………. but don’t!”

Poor audio, shaky camera work and a bad image will be what your viewer takes away from watching your homemade video. The connotations that this video will denote to your viewer could be devastating and everlasting.

Check out this excerpt from Wirebuzz if you don’t believe me…

Video production quality will trump video quantity…

Since the video landscape is becoming more competitive, the quality of your videos will need to become more of a priority. Just pumping out “another video” or two won’t cut it.

No one wants to watch low-quality videos.

Video competition will eventually become too stiff for low-quality videos to get the views or results businesses need, which means if you’re going to invest in video, you need to do it well and do it the right way, the first time around.

Higher-quality videos rise above the rest, see higher engagement and drive overall better results in the sea of digital content. Plus, they’re more likely to stand the test of time, which means you’ll see higher ROI and an asset that you can rely on for years to come.

The videos we produce go through so many phases of production that you may not realise…

Creative Pie Films Portfolio

Here is a sample of the stages of video production that take place here at Creative Pie Films…

Pre-production & planning that include

  • Location Recce
  • Aerial permissions
  • Scripting
  • Test shots


  • Establishing shots
  • Aerial imagery
  • Interview set ups
  • Tracking shots, dolly shots
  • Sound tests
  • Location shoots
  • Green screen

Post Production

  • Rough edit
  • Selecting the right music
  • Amends
  • Effects
  • Sound
  • Colour correction
  • Encoding
As you can see there is quite a lot that happens during a well planned video production project.  All of these stages took place during our shoot with Sdl Solutions. The results speak for themselves…

Sdl solutions brand film is a perfect example of when everything goes right and you take time and care to produce something that stands out. For example we got up at 4:30am to be on site to get the establishing shot using our X5R drone, we wanted to lighting to be just right and lucky for us, it was. Everything you see in this brand film was all storyboarded, scheduled and was shot cinematically to enhance the brands image which therefore leads to brand awareness and increased sales.

So, if you’re to take notice of the many facts and figures that point to video being the way to go this year, then please hire the right people. Make sure they get excited about your project and that they not only have the passion for your video but also a love of the moving image.

Dean and I both have a fascination with the moving image…

Go on, ask us what our favourite films are…after all thats why we started a video production company..

Thanks Nic and Dean

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