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Hi all, Dean here from Birmingham based corporate video producers Creative Pie Films. Today im going to talk about how to get that interview for your corporate video looking tip top. This is extremely important in a talking heads film as it will help engage your viewers and most all all help get your message across. Lets begin shall we….

With some of the jobs we get asked to do, one of the most common elements within those productions is the filming of interviews. Irrespective of the location, I always try and employ the same set of rules for each interview I shoot. This is sometimes easier said than done! But I find if you have a guideline in your head with which you can follow, then no matter how chaotic the situation, you’ll always have a goal to work towards.

Corporate Video | Framing is key…!

Framing is key with any form of filming and three of the main things I always consider when shooting an interview is headspace, eye line and background. Is there too much wasted space above the interviewees head; where does the subject’s eyes lead us and is the background relevant or does it distract?

Using the rule of thirds when composing any shot does help when positioning your subject and camera. Below is a link to that explains the basic principles of the rule of thirds.

You want the focus to be on the person who is speaking, so it’s key to have them framed correctly. Here are a few images that demonstrate what I’m talking about:

There are a variety of different set-ups used for a number of different reasons depending on the context of what it is you’re shooting and they all have names that I can never remember. I simply trust my instinct on the day, taking into account the context of the shoot and the location, and frame accordingly.

Here are a couple of examples from some of our previous shoots:

Sometimes you won’t have the luxury of time when setting up and shooting an interview so you have think fast and assess all the variables. Select what you believe to be the most important aspects to get right when setting up an interview and stick with them. It will allow to work more efficiently.

In my mind there are no actual set rules but merely conventions, and if the shot looks nice, serves the subject matter and pleases the client, then it’s all gravy.

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