2016 the year of learning to fly, Mary Berry, Pickleball and lots lots more…

2016 was the year of learning to fly, promoting more Priory Private services, filming schools that support children with Autism, something called Pickleball…. Oh and add a dash of working with Mary Berry!

What a year this has been for Creative Pie Films. We have continued our exciting journey back into the world of production and working for ourselves.

So the word of the year was ‘Drone’ (technically Quadcopter) and this year we bought our first, which meant Nic had the honour of training up to become CAA authorised in order to fly it.

Nic now thinks he is a pilot!

Training to fly was an eye opening experience with regards to flying safely. Once completed, we were able to offer our clients the opportunity to feature aerial footage in their productions.

It’s crazy to think that aerial footage used to be such an expensive process. After watching an old episode of Only Fools and Horses the other day which included a ten second aerial shot of a coach driving down Margate beach front, we wondered how much that would have cost back then!

Check out our Aerial filming service

Aerial photography has benefitted one of our clients in particular. The Priory Group can now better illustrate to potential service users, the amazing facilities they have to offer, which helps them to make an informed decision about using the service.

Here is a great example of how it has added to our video content.

South East Childrens Services Film

This year we also started working for Priory Children’s and Educational services by producing promotional films for their schools. This was an amazing experience, as it enabled us to capture the amazing work the staff do with children who have Autism. We’ve learnt so much whilst working at these sites and it’s clear that more work needs to be done to keep building Autism awareness.

If you want to know more check out these great people.

The National Austistic Society

And here is one of our films promoting Oliver House School

                                                                            Priory Group – Oliver House School

Then, we get a call from the National Trust. They’ve knitted 7.5km of knitted bunting to try and break the current world record! Also, the one and only Queen of Bakes Mary Berry is coming to Upton House to meet the knitters and announce whether they’d been successful in their attempt to break the record.

Upton House is a fantastic location and looks great inside and out. The grounds and gardens are stunning and the weather, for November, behaved itself enough for us to get the Pie drone in the air. And WOW how it adds to the overall video.

Then the big moment arrives and we get to interview the lady herself… She was absolutely lovely as you would expect and she completed her piece to camera in two takes. The first was great, however, Mary wanted to do another to get it absolutely perfect.

What a pro!

Watch the film to see whether they actually broke the World Record!

And lastly we ended the year by filming a short promotional film to help out the local Pickeball Club.

Want to know what Pickleball is…..Well you will have to watch this to find out more…

                                                                                         Pickleball UK

We are so excited to see what 2017 brings and we can’t wait to continue providing our  clients with ace video content.

Video is only going to become more relevant so if you need any video content, promotional films or aerial imagery please get in touch with Creative Pie Films.

Have a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year

Thanks Dean and Nic


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