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Creative Pie Films among many things specialise in promotional video production and in this weeks blog we talk about working with the legend Mary Berry!

No Team Pie wasn’t baking a three tier wedding cake with the lovely Mary Berry..!

But…. Mary’s baking was featured, but the aim of this promotional video was to document the phenomenal efforts of the National Trust and it’s volunteers as they knitted their way into the Guinness World Record Book.

Upton House is one of the most photogenic locations you would wish for both inside and out. Its drenched in wartime memorabilia which helps set the scene for the ‘knit for victory’ challenge the National Trust had set itself.

Promotional video production | How can it help me?

Promotional video’s can do many things, from promoting a new product, restaurant or service but there is something truly satisfying about filming the successes of others especially when they have achieved something so ace!

Upton House knitted 7.5km of bunting! Yes, that almost 5 miles!

They smashed the record easily, and it was all down to the efforts of not only the National Trust volunteers but people from all over the world who had heard about the challenge.

People who had never knitted before picked up needles and wool and started to knit. So many people learnt to knit or found a new lease of life due to disability or illness via knitting.

Creative Pie Films based in Birmingham who specialise in promotional video production set about filming this event using lots of different production techniques and professional equipment.

The Pie drone was used for example to capture the stunning grounds of Upton from above and showed the miles and miles of bunting that lined the driveway up to the main house.

Before we took to the sky we carried out all our required checks and risk assesments as we are licensed by the CAA for aerial photography and filming. 

These include checking for other aerial activity in the area, making sure we are 150m away from congested areas and that we can maintain a visual line of sight with the drone.

We carry out these checks for every project and if it isnt safe we wont fly! Even if its filming a tank! 

To capture Mary’s book signing we found ourselves shooting with two camera’s to make sure we had the right amount of coverage. The Tv Broadcast camera also came into its own when we had our interview with Mary too.

There is so much to think about when shooting a promotional video like this and this is why it’s a good idea to use professionals who know how to get the best out of a location and what kit to use for different scenarios.

Dean & I pride ourselves on being passionate about filmmaking, and we bring this to every project.

An event like this at Upton House, for example, cannot be re-shot on another day due to the rain for example…. Its live! So it’s so important to commision a promotional video production company who can deal with anything! Like us!

The magic of Upton House and its volunteers has been captured for ever now, and Creative Pie Films were honoured to be asked.

Thanks Nic

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