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If there is anything a new up and coming wedding videography service needs it’s great press!

Creative Pie Films based in Birmingham went one better and got some amazing press and were featured in Berks Bucks and Oxon wedding magazine. This magazine features everything you could possibly want to know when planning a wedding.

When we first started our wedding videography service we started to think about the sort of qualities one would want from their videographers. Trust is obviously important but what else should someone look for in when hiring someone to film their big day?

The piece we wrote for the magazine was about that very topic. If you are going to ask someone to film something as personal as this you want to know that the people behind the camera’s know what they are doing!

What to look for in a wedding videography service…

In the article, we listed such attributes like a love of the craft of filmmaking and being up to date with new emerging production technologies and techniques.

Based in Birmingham Creative Pie Films has everything you would want from a wedding videography service. Dean and I both worked within the media industry before starting Creative Pie Films and also lectured at degree level for a number of years.

Everything from production techniques to media theory Dean and I taught it!

Creative Pie love everything film so when we are asked to be someone’s wedding videographer we treat it with the same level of passion and enthusiasm we would any other project. Dean and I like to make there clients part of the process by talking them through what equipment we use, for example the Ronin gimbal for smooth tracking or the conditions the drone can be flown in.

We meet with our clients at various stages before the big day to make sure we have all the clients requirements noted. We also hit key locations and carry out recce’s to check out filming positions and accessibility as the last thing you want is one of us tripping over a tripod during the ceremony!

Just one more thing…

Lastly, one of the most important things you can do when looking for a wedding videography service is start a conversation about films or Tv shows… I know it seems silly but you will see just how much enthusiasm your videographer has for the subject if they uncontrollably start talking about the latest film they saw or what happened in the last episode of Game of Thrones!

I would imagine there is not many wedding videographers out there who merely fell into this line of work without any love of the moving image!

Dean and I can guarantee you that if you ask us about our favourite films you will have to put the kettle on!

Thanks Nic

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