Birmingham based videographer needs help with their identity!

Are you looking for a Birmingham based videographer or a professional video production company ?! 

So here goes, a blog post that could cause some trouble!

However, it’s not meant to at all, so if you find yourself getting irate then try and understand that I’m literally trying to understand who we are as a business!

So Dean and I studied Creative Media Production at an Art School in Oxfordshire. We learnt all about practical media production from how to produce a television shows, documentary production, too short films. You name it we learnt about how to produce it!

We left with our degrees in hand, went off to different areas of industry, Dean became a professional editor while i worked in TV for a bit.

At this point it’s worth mentioning that the term ‘videographer’ had never been mentioned. It didn’t exist and not one of our lecturers or industry links had ever used the term to describe video production.

Now, with Creative Pie Films firmly established, we find ourselves confused by who we are in regards to a label. We believe we offer a professional video production service and are not videographers. However, we are well aware that videographers offer a professional service, so what’s going on!

Creative Pie Films | Showreel 2017 from Creative Pie Films on Vimeo.

Is this merely a new label or is there a difference between the two?

For Dean and I, who also used to lecture in media production, this is a thorny issue as many of our students considered themselves videographers and went out armed with DSLR cameras with external mics attached but lacked the professional element.

Pre-production, health and safety or even knowing exactly how the camera worked in some cases, we’re all missing.

However, if you’re ‘old skool’ with regards to production, it seems the term ‘videographer’ doesn’t really sit well, as the amount of different skills someone has to have to be able to produce professional content are vast.

Videography seems like a good term for documenting an event like a wedding, conference etc. But it doesn’t seem an appropriate term for a professional service, if that makes sense?

Again this post is not here to cause offence but more to try and understand what to call ourselves in regards to what we offer.

Are we a professional video production service or a Birmingham based videographer?

Maybe it’s a generational thing or maybe it’s just us getting older…..?! (however the author of this is only 36!)

We find ourselves in a quandary as ‘Videographer ‘seems to be an ultra-populist adjective for what we do, but is it what we do?!

If you are looking for a Birmingham based videographer then give us a shout, even though we are a professional video production service too! AHHHHHHH

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