The importance of a fantastic placeholder image on your promotional video

Today, Birmingham based promotional video producer Creative Pie Films give you a quick guide to choosing the best placeholder for your promotional video.

What is a placeholder image?

Firstly what is a placeholder I hear you cry! Well, it’s a term for the still image that acts as an invite for the viewer to click on digital content.

Yip thats it! However, it’s becoming even more important to choose your placeholder image carefully due to the amount of video out there. Just think how many videos are on YouTube at the moment. How are you going to get that person you don’t know to take an interest in your video over everyone else’s?

To get the best placeholder image you need to think about who it is you are trying to attract with regards to audience. Is it a formal approach which requires a very professional placeholder or is it a more fun relaxed audience you are trying to attract?

For example, in the latest Jagermeister campaign ‘Craft the Moment’ they have used a very nice image of woodland from above.

Overlaid is a very clean white logo which tells the viewer exactly what the advert is for before it starts. Its an interesting technique as its like a film where the title appears after the opening credits.

This is intentional as attention spans are so poor now that a viewer most likely won’t sit through a 30 second advert to see the final shot which will feature the product and tagline.

So we need to grab their interest immediately!

 Filming and editing content is one thing, but without that all important placeholder image your fantastic video could go unnoticed due to that one static image!

If you are using a professional production company ask them about placeholder images and they will help you choose the right one to help you get that all important click!

If you are looking for a Birmingham based promotional video producer then give us a shout!

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