What is it you actually do again?

Nic of Birmingham based video marketing provider Creative Pie Films, takes us through a 2 day project in his latest blog post.

Might seem like a silly question but i do get asked it all the time, “what do you do?!”

My linkedin profile says video content producer, however, connections seem to get a tad confused about what it is we do here at Creative Pie Films.

So this blog post is going to take you through a typical two day shoot that we have just completed for the Priory Group, to help give you an idea of the scope of our service.

Day one…

‘Up and at em’ at 4am to get in the car to travel to Devon with all our kit. As we offer a full production service we bring the following to every shoot. Sony FS7 Cinecam, Panasonic GH4, Ronin M gimble, Wally Dolly, Rode Mics, Lights and not forgetting the pie drone.

Yes, when we approach a project this is the minimum amount of kit we bring, we love our toys!

Once we get on site I will go off to check the area is suitable for aerial filming with regards to safety, whilst Dean heads off to scout for suitable filming locations. He looks for great natural lighting and above all else, a quiet room for interviews.

After this we shoot cut-aways which will be  relevant to the questions that are going to be asked during the interviews. As this particular site is a school, we try and capture learners in the classroom, participating in physical activity and with lots of smiles!

After this we dedicate the afternoon to interviews, as you never how long they are going to take to film. Some people aren’t fazed by the camera whereas others freeze in front of the lens. We always try and make our interviewees feel as relaxed as possible, so we throw a few jokes around and generally take the mick out of ourselves. It’s not easy having a camera staring at you!

After the interviews it’s time to launch the pie drone. All pre-flight checks and risk assessments have already been carried out so it’s just a case of making sure that the area is clear. On this site  we didn’t fly until all the children had left the school. Safety first when flying a drone people!

Creative Pie Films Aerial Show reel. from Creative Pie Films on Vimeo.

Once we’ve shot the aerial footage we head off to our hotel for the evening where we review the footage and see if there are any issues with what we’ve shot or if we have missed anything.

10pm… BED

Day two…

Wake up and get coffee!

Then off to the next locations. As this is a residential school for children with Autism and behaviours that challenge the school has many different residential sites around the area.

We get externals of each location using both our cameras and drone and then pop inside to gather more cut aways of bedrooms, living rooms etc.

We then take a deep breath and do a quick footage review and then it’s time to head home.

Once home, the footage is thrown into our edit machines to transcode overnight ready for editing in the morning.

Oh, that’s what you do!

Yip, and this is what we are known for. Creative Pie Films are a Birmingham based video marketing provider who offer a full professional video production service for all your video content requirements.

This kind of project has to have a quick turnaround and our clients appreciate that we can get in and get the job done.

This has been a snapshot of a small project that has a fast turn around so imagine what a blog entry would look like for one of our bigger projects!

If you are looking for a Birmingham based video marketing provider then give us a shout!

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