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Hi and welcome to our latest blog post, this weeks blog will be about the importance of music in your video content and the effect it has on your viewers.

So to get started, I want to introduce you to a movie which has it all! In 1968 Once Upon a Time in the West was released,  directed by Sergio Leone it is considered a masterpiece within the genre due to it’s visual aesthetics and how its cemented in the conventions we all now associate with the western genre…. however…

Second to its visuals is it’s sound design. Ennio Morricone worked with Leone to create the score for the movie and it has become one of the best selling scores selling over 10 Million copies!

How cool is this piece of music! It works perfectly in tandom with the imagery of Charles Bronson. You as the viewer instantly recognise this guy as a bad ass and someone who demands our attention. In a promotional film we need to make sure we find the perfect fit depending on the context of the piece.

Can you imagine if you looked into those eyes and “oops i did it again” started to play! It wouldnt work would it?

Selecting the right track for your video content…

So it’s important you take time selecting the perfect track for your promotional film project. You must ask yourself the following questions; What is it that you are marketing, selling or promoting? What features in the film itself? Are you being respectful to the context?

For example, the work we do with the Priory Group requires a soft tone of music as we are promoting it’s care services, so something punchy and aggressive would’nt work. Pace is also something to consider as you need to think about the speed at which the audience is presented the accompanying imagery. If you watch the example below you can see that the slow reveals of rooms and facilities would not suit something fast and brash, also when an ex-patient is on screen, the music has to create an emotional link with the audience but at the same time respect their story.

Choosing the right track can be fun…

Now, you can also have fun with choosing sound when you are dealing with a more relaxed context. We some video content for our local race team Evo Velo and when it came to the edit we could’nt find the right music. After hours of scouring the archives for music we suddenly remembered a childhood show we loved called StreetHawk! Do you remember it?

So we edited the visuals to it and voila! It made total sense and it worked perfectly with the visuals of Ash zooming about on his road bike. Check it out below!

So, if you are looking for a suitable music track for your video content ask yourself…

“What would Ennio do?”

Thanks Nic

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