We helped the RSPB with our aerial filming service!

This week Creative Pie were asked to help RSPB Middleton survey a new habitat they were developing using our aerial filming service “pie in the sky” get it….

Yeah enough of that…! 

This was our first time using the Pie Drone in such a way and it was great!

Usually we use our drone to provide clients with a few aerial shots for promotional videos however the aim of today’s flight was very different.

So the RSPB had recently landscaped one of their new pools and had also planted Reed beds and the only way they could see the progress of the Reed beds was from above.

So our aerial filming service was commissioned to take images of the whole area with the camera pointing down.

We took almost 300 images for the RSPB and they were quite revealing.

The image below shows exactly what we looking for. The light murky areas indicate the new Reed beds. 

Nick from the RSPB was instantly impressed with the images and could see that all the hard work of the volunteers had been a success.

The Reed beds will take a few years to flourish but it will be a fantastic habitat for all manner of birdlife in the years to come.

If you haven’t visited RSPB Middleton I would urge you to go, especially if you are a twitcher..

Since 2008 the wardens and volunteers have worked tirelessly in creating a habitat for bird life. It’s a peaceful place to be and it’s great to see nature being given a helping hand.

After the images were all taken we took the drone out again to take some video footage of the entire site from upon high.
Nick from RSPB wanted some footage taken and edited to suitable music to publish on the RSPB website and showcase on social media.

RSPB Middleton Lakes from Creative Pie Films on Vimeo.

As you can see the imagery is fantastic and shows the intricacy of each pool.

The one thing I really like about this footage are the colours. As it’s February you have reds,  yellows and a touch of green which when enhanced using our color correction software looks lovely.

Our aerial filming service is fully insured and our drone pilot is CAA qualified to fly. This means that before each flight the pilot competes risks assessments based on the enviroment and also checks the area in regards to flight paths and NOTAMS to make sure all is safe.

For RSPB Middleton we had to take into consideration the bird life that inhabited the area for example; we didn’t want to scare the birds away by flying to low which would cause them to fly up into the drone and cause injury to themselves. 

So If you need any aerial filming or imaging give us a call as we are based in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. 

This was an amazing opportunity and one we hope to be asked back for again as it was an awesome day.

Thanks Nic

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