The power of video property tours…

Are you looking for a provider of video property tours in Birmingham?

Well this week’s blog post is looking at that very subject and identifying the benefits of choosing this medium over traditional still photography.

Video property tours are becoming an ever popular way to show prospective buyers your property in the best light. A still image does not give a viewer any real feel for a property and presents the features in a flat and lifeless manner.

Creative Pie Films in Birmingham can help make your property come alive!

As you can see from our property tour showreel below, we move around the whole property room by room focusing on various key features such as stair cases, fireplaces and architectural highlights.

We use wide tracking shots to introduce the viewer to a particular space before cutting away to standout features.

Accompanying these images is an appropriate, well paced music track that provides your viewer with a complete, contemporary guided tour of your property.

Now, if the CAA rules can be adhered to,  you can also include aerial imagery in your video which gives the viewer a bird’s eye view of the property’s boundaries as well as showing off that garden you’ve put so much work into!

Property tours can work for commercial properties too, hotels, golf clubs and spas could also benefit from utilising video in order to promote themselves.

If you are looking for a supplier of video property tours in Birmingham or anywhere in the UK, then Creative Pie Films are well worth considering. We have filmed exquisite properties for the Priory Group and National Trust to help market their services to the public, so we know our onions…!

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