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Hi all and welcome to our first blog post! Today we are talking about how corporate video production can help promote your business to a wider audience…. or promote it to a very niche audience such as key decision makers.

Our brief was to promote Priory’s Grafton Manor service. Priory Grafton Manor provides highly specialised neurobehavioural rehabilitation for males and females aged 18 years and older, with an aquired brain injury, including traumatic brain injuries and strokes.

Investing in corporate video production is a fantastic way to promote your business.

It differs from normal promotional video production as it is very specific in the way it targets its audience. With promotional video production you are casting out a huge net to gain interest in your product to increase sales and gain momentum in the market.

For example in this video we talk about the services capacity, nurse to patient ratio, specialisms etc which are all very niche topics which decision makers such as doctors and health care commisioners need to know.

Showing facilities such as bedrooms and grounds is also key and with equipment like our Wolly Dolly track we can get lovely smooth tracks that help convey size, light and layout.

Another weapon we have in our arsenal is our DJI Inspire RAW drone which can take to the sky to show exactly where a service is. As you can see Grafton is situated in beatiful English countryside.

Using video to convey key messages about your product or service is so important as sometimes people literally dont have the time to read loads of copy!

Within the context of healthcare for example you could read about the service but you would never meet key staff, see the interior or check out specialised equipment.

Sure there might be a few pictures including in the web page but that doesnt help convey space, feeling and more importantly how much the staff care about what they do!

If you were placing a loved one into any form of care wouldnt that be one of the most important factors to you?

So if you are a business who wants to communciate exactly what you can offer to another businesses or niche audience then maybe you should consider working with a corporate video production company like us!

If so give us a shout, we would love to help!

Thanks Nic and Dean

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