Drones are big news, but what should you look for in a drone operator?

Are you searching for a Birmingham based drone operator but don’t know where to start?

Well this blog post is going to help break down what you should look for in a drone operator with regards to red tape and the matter of insurance.

Gratuitous plug alert!

First of all check out our aerial showreel to experience what a drone can do to a promotional video, property tour..

Not bad eh? The applications for drones is growing and growing, just the other week we were asked to fly the Pie drone to help survey a new habitat for nesting birds!

Drones can get to places us humans would have trouble achieving… like 400ft in the air!

400ft is the maximum altitude for a drone to fly in the UK

A drone in the UK is permitted to fly to an altitude of 400ft which is easily enough to get that perfect shot. Safety should be right up there when hiring a drone operator and you must make sure your operator has been authorised by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to do so.

This means that the operator must have trained at an approved school to fly. For Creative Pie Films this meant a 3-day course where we had comprehensive training on how to plan a flight, understanding risk and controlled air spaces and also a practical flight test.

If you are reading this now thinking “I didn’t know they had to do all this” it’s ok, most people don’t, and there are many out there flying with no idea of the dangers of using a drone incorrectly.

For example, before we fly we have to carry out a pre-flight check of the surrounding area. We have to check for CTR (Controlled Zones) which include military, police and even the Royal Family!

The air is a busy place and is carved up into sections for lots of different purposes and you have to look at a air traffic map to see just how busy the skies above the UK are. So don’t be scared to ask your operator if all the checks have been completed.

Your pilot must be insured to fly, just like driving a car!

Lastly, to fly commercially your operator must be insured. The blades of a drone spin at around 8000 rpm and will do a lot of damage to a person if a problem arises!

Drones have many safeguards, however, you must also make sure your operator is safe to fly too.

If you are looking for a Birmingham based drone operator or anywhere in the UK then give us a call at Creative Pie Films.

We are insured and CAA approved to fly, which means we are able to take your projects to new heights…… safely.

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