Priory Harley Street


Priory are the largest provider of mental health services in the UK, treating conditions such as eating disorders, addiction and anxiety.

Priory were opening a new treatment centre in London’s prestigious Harley Street and wanted to produce a film that could be used as a promotional tool to embed on the centre’s web page and to send to commissioners and healthcare professionals, to enable them to make an informed decision when placing patients.

The film needed to act as an introduction to the healthcare professionals, showcase the new facilities and plant a flag in Harley Street, highlighting that Priory had arrived.


Due to Priory’s excellent reputation in health care and the renowned location, the film needed to be slick and professional.

Establishing the location was key with the project, so capturing key imagery such as the iconic Black Cab and the River Thames, helps to anchor the film to London.

We then interviewed doctors and psychiatrists in a formal set up using two cameras, raising production values and giving it a premium look.

We also filmed a number of setup scenarios to help bring the spaces to life, including a therapy session, which can help relax potential patients who may have never attended a one before.

The facilities were all shot using our track system to help illustrate the concept of light and space which was a key requirement for Priory. They want their clients to feel comfortable and at ease during treatment and they specifically design their centres around that idea.

Production Kit:

Sony FS7
Sony FS5
Samyang primes
Wally Dolly
Sennheiser Mics
DaVinci Resolve





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