When placing your home on the market, you may use a sale board or a newspaper article for more rural properties. Nowadays, the internet is one of the most popular means of selling your home. Reaching a wider audience, instantly. So how do you make your home stand out from the competition? To do your property justice may be difficult if it is very large, as a whole gallery full of photos is time-consuming to look through. Video property tours are the way forward. Based in Birmingham, and operating nationally, Creative Pie Films are able to showcase your beautiful property in a professionally produced film.

Capturing the ambience of a building, it’s defined architecture, the layout of a house and the feel of a building is difficult with still photography. In the case of a large building; a video property tour can walk your viewers through the entire property, virtually. Creative Pie will encapsulate the spirit of your home with sumptuous detail and quality.

With accompanying music, your film will effortlessly glide around the space, highlighting the features and guiding your visitors around your home, as if they were actually there!

Video property tours
showcase your beautiful property in a professionally produced film
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Property Tour VIDEO FAQS

Property Tours

How long would it take to film?

Depending on the size or the property we will be able to film everything in a few hours!

How long would would it take to receive the final edit?

We aim to get the final edit out via Vimeo or YouTube within 3 days.

How much does this service cost?

This all depends on the size of the property and where you are based, also we have a different price for commercial and non-commercial properties. Get in touch and we will give you a quote!

Could we have aerial footage within the film?

Yes as long as there are no restrictions and all CAA guidelines can be met. Adding this to your film will incur an additional cost.

How long will it be?

We have found that 90 seconds is the perfect length for a piece like this. At this length the film will be more impactful to the viewer.

Professional quality

Creative Pie also provide property tours for homes open to the public, such as stately homes and museums, providing moody shots of ancient ruins and stately homes bathed with light. We have worked with our clients, including National Trust, to create an immersive experience which will enchant an ever-enquiring with the stunning scenery, exquisite architecture and decadent décor.