Hi all and welcome to our first post from our blog page, we aim to keep you informed about everything from projects we are working on, the equipment we are using and even film reviews. Our first post is about our latest Corporate B2B video project for the Priory Group.

Our brief was to promote the Highbank service in Bury. This is an amazing service as it helps rehabilitate people who have suffered brain injuries. Its a real eye opener when you realise that your whole life could change in the blink of an eye.

This was the first site we had used the amazing Wolly Dolly on a shoot, and the results are amazing. Compared to the Ronin the Wolly wins hands down for smooth tracking or gliding shots. In the video, you will see shots of the staircase and reception which were all shot with Wolly.

The service helps all ages and treats conditions like Dementia, brain injuries, and Multiple sclerosis. We interviewed some staff and also the wife of a service user who was really touching. Nice to know that services like this are available if we suffer setbacks in life.


Corporate B2B video is a fantastic way to promote your business to another business. It differs from normal promotional video producion as it is very specific in the way it targets its audience. For example in this video we talk about the services capacity, nurse to patient ratio, specialisms etc.

This video will be sent out to commisioners and health care proffesionals to allow them to make a decision about where they place a patient in regards to on going care.

If you are a business who wants to communciate exactly what you can offer to a other businesses maybe you should consider producing a a corporate B2B video. If so give us a shout, we would love to help!

Priory Healthcare – Highbank from Creative Pie Films on Vimeo.

Thanks Nic

Corporate B2B Video


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