With the arrival of drones, the sky is no longer the limit! Position is everything when taking a photo or shooting a film and drones open up the possibilities for you. Creative Pie Films, in Birmingham, are professionally licensed UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) operators, holding the Civil Air Authority Licence to fly UAV’s for commercial purposes. We are authorised to fly at up to 400 feet (120m) which means that your film will not contravene any CAA regulations.

Our cameras are installed with a gyroscope to maintain smoothness of camera shots and have 360° rotation to ensure the perfect imagery for your film. Whether filming extreme sports on the side of a mountain, a viral video for social media, development, corporate promotional videos or surveying large tracts of land for purchase, aerial filming with a UAV is swiftly replacing the helicopter due to its convenience, and the obvious cost benefit.

Stunning cinematic effect
the panoramic shot you envisaged without the Hollywood price tag!
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Aerial Filming VIDEO FAQS

Aerial Filming

Do you really need a licensed pilot?

Yes, recent changes in the law means your pilot must be CAA licensed for any commercial imagery.

Are you fully insured?

Creative Pie Films are fully insured to fly, so everything is safe and secure.

What area’s of the UK do you cover?

Creative Pie Films work nationwide.

Are there any restrictions on where you can fly?

Restrictions can include many aspects such as altitude, aerial flight paths and proximity to public areas e.g main roads, houses, power lines.

However, Creative Pie Films will conduct a thorough survey prior to shooting to ensure filming is permitted in your desired location.

How much does this service cost?

The nature of each job can vary considerably, therefore our quotes are job specific. Give us a call and we can discuss what Creative Pie Films can do for you.

Fully licensed

More and more, advertisers and film companies are utilising aerial filming services to capture the effect they are looking for. To get a stunning cinematic effect, our winged cameras will effortlessly glide over your scene giving the panoramic shot you envisaged without the Hollywood price tag!

Creative Pie Films have access to a range of UAV’s and can utilise these to assist you in conducting surveys, cartography and mapping, photogrammetry, 3D mapping and aerial archaeology… The applications for aerial filming are endless!

If your video production needs that wow factor, call Creative Pie Films and watch your ratings ascend as high as our cameras.